What word means something different to the others?

What word means something different to the others? different, diverse, divergent, disparate, various mean unlike in kind or character. Considering this, which...

What word means something different to the others?
different, diverse, divergent, disparate, various mean unlike in kind or character.

Considering this, which word means something different to the others?

distinguish. verb. to be a feature that makes someone or something clearly different from other similar people or things.

Similarly, what is a different word for both? Synonyms: the two, the pair, both of them, the two of them, the two of you, both of you, both together, either , the one and the other, one as well as the other. Antonyms: only one, one , either one, one or the other, each , alone.

Correspondingly, what do you call someone who is different from everyone else?

If you‘re looking for words synonymous with different but without negative connotations you might try these: eccentric, individualist, unconventional, off-center, free spirit, nonconformist, recusant, bohemian, freethinker.

What is another word we?


  • us. pr. , n.
  • ours. pr.
  • you and me. pr. , exp.
  • you and i. pr. , exp.
  • ourselves. pr.
  • altogether. adv. , pr.
  • our own selves. pr. , exp.

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How do you say very different?

very different

  1. quite different. exp.
  2. completely different. exp.
  3. so different. exp.
  4. much different. exp.
  5. totally different. exp.
  6. significantly different. exp.
  7. lot different. exp.
  8. very diverse. exp.

What is the antonym for do differently?

What is the opposite of differently?

likewise comparably
also again
uniformly indistinguishably
equally identically
equivalently undistinguishably

What’s another word for who?

What is another word for who?

which what
which exact one which exact ones
which specific one which specific ones
whom what exact one
what exact ones which distinct one

How do you begin a paragraph?

Here’s how:

  1. First, write a topic sentence that summarizes your point. This is the first sentence of your paragraph.
  2. Next, write your argument, or why you feel the topic sentence is true.
  3. Finally, present your evidence (facts, quotes, examples, and statistics) to support your argument.

What is mean of different?

Different from, different to or different than? The adjective different means ‘not the same’. When we compare two or more items, it is usually followed by from.

What do you call a unique person?

You might call this person unique: “the situation was unique in modern politics” synonyms: distinctive, distinct, individual, special, idiosyncratic; single, sole, lone, unrepeated, unrepeatable, solitary, exclusive, rare, uncommon, unusual, sui generis; informal: one-off, one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime, one-shot.

What does it mean to be indifferent?

without interest or concern; not caring; apathetic: his indifferent attitude toward the suffering of others. having no bias, prejudice, or preference; impartial; disinterested. neither good nor bad in character or quality; average; routine: an indifferent specimen.

When people say your different?

When a guy tells you that he thinks you are different, he is comparing you with all other women he met before or had a relationship with. He spends time with you and he finds distinct and pleasing qualities that makes him want to know you more.

What does it mean when someone is different?

Being different means that you don’t blend in completely with the status quo. It means that you don’t perfectly fit in to the everyday jigsaw of life. It means that what works for and applies to others does not always work for or apply to you.

What is another word for on the other hand?

on the other hand. Synonyms: but, in spite of, nevertheless, notwithstanding, notwithstanding, on the contrary, yet.

Can you start a sentence with both?

Both are joining words that relate ideas to each other, but conjuncts, unlike conjunctions, can be moved to different parts of a sentence because they are not connecting grammatical parts. And and But work better at the beginning of sentences in informal, conversational writing.

What is the synonym of as well as?

as well as. exp. , prep. , idi. exp. , adv. exp. , prep.

What is the synonym of individual?

individual. Synonyms: personal, specific, peculiar, indivisible, identical, singular, idiosyncratic, special, single, separate, particular.

What is a word for important?

Words related to important great, relevant, necessary, extensive, influential, big, crucial, far-reaching, large, urgent, vital, imperative, critical, significant, serious, paramount, decisive, meaningful, essential, remarkable.

What is the synonym of demonstrate?

Choose the Right Synonym for demonstrate show, manifest, evidence, evince, demonstrate mean to reveal outwardly or make apparent. show is the general term but sometimes implies that what is revealed must be gained by inference from acts, looks, or words.

What is a better word for good?

Words related to good great, satisfying, exceptional, positive, acceptable, satisfactory, valuable, superb, marvelous, bad, wonderful, favorable, excellent, respectable, honest, useful, talented, efficient, reliable, able.

How do you antonym?

Antonyms for show how

  • conceal.
  • confuse.
  • distort.
  • falsify.
  • hide.
  • misrepresent.

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