What does Kevin Durant own?

What does Kevin Durant own? After exercising his option to test free agency, Durant left the Warriors to sign a four-year deal...

What does Kevin Durant own?
After exercising his option to test free agency, Durant left the Warriors to sign a four-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets worth up to $164 million. The ten-time All-Star banks $35 million from sponsors, but he’s also invested in more than 30 companies, including Postmates and investing app Acorns.

In this regard, what does Kevin Durant invest in?

His investment arm, the Durant Company, claims early-stage investments from $250,000 to $1 million in roughly 30 companies through a network of venture capitalists, including online digital-currency platform Coinbase, spare-change app Acorns, cloud-computing startup Rubrik, drink company WTRMLN WTR, fast-casual pizza

Likewise, is KD a billionaire? As a professional NBA player, Durant has won awards such as the NBA Championship, Most Vulnerable Player, and Finals MVP Awards. As of 2020, Kevin Durant’s net worth is approximately $170 Million dollars, making him one of the richest basketball players in the world alongside Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what business does Kevin Durant own?

But basketball isn’t the only thing Durant’s doing in the Bay Area. He’s also diving into the business world through his own Silicon Valley-based start-up, the Durant Company, which he founded in 2016. He’s invested in a number of tech ventures, including Acorns and Postmates.

Is Kevin Durant top 10 all time?

Back-to-back finals MVP, Kevin Durant is arguably playing the best basketball of his career and making a case to be considered as one of the legends of the game. KD misses out on the top ten by one spot, sitting below Shaquille O’Neal, at 11.

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How much is Kevin Durant worth?

Net Worth and Contract Celebrity Net Worth currently lists Durant’s net worth at $170 million. According to HoopsHype, the Warriors are paying Durant $30 million this season. He holds a $31.5 million player option for the 2019-20 campaign but is expected to decline it and become a free agent.

Who is Kevin Durant’s manager?

Rich Kleiman

Is Kevin Durant an entrepreneur?

“In addition to being a two-time NBA champion and Finals MVP, Kevin Durant is an accomplished entrepreneur with a deep passion for storytelling,” NBA deputy commissioner and chief operating officer Mark Tatum said.

What charities does Kevin Durant support?

Giving in Oklahoma and Beyond Grants flowed to regional organizations like the Tulsa Dream Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Wilson, and Positive Tomorrows, which provides elementary school education for homeless children. Durant’s giving also extends beyond the confines of Oklahoma.

How much is Donald Trump worth?

In 2016, Forbes estimated Trump’s net worth at $3.7 billion, and Bloomberg News estimated Trump’s net worth to be $3 billion. During the three years after Trump announced his presidential run in 2015, Forbes estimated his net worth declined 31% and his ranking fell 138 spots.

What’s LeBron James net worth?

LeBron James, Net Worth: $480 Million James earns about $40 million in salary a year and another $55 million in endorsements. He has endorsement deals with several recognizable brands, including Nike, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Coca-Cola and more.

Who is the richest NBA player?

Michael Jordan: How the richest NBA player ever spends his $1.65 billion. Michael Jordan made less than $100 million as the NBA’s greatest player of all time, but is now a member of Forbes’ list of billionaires with an estimated net worth of $1.65 billion.

How much is Magic Johnson worth?

After winning championships in high school and college, Johnson was selected first overall in the 1979 NBA draft by the Lakers. As of 2020, Magic Johnson’s net worth is approximately $600 Million dollars, and he’s one of the richest athletes in the world.

What is Draymond Green’s salary?

16.4 million USD (2017)

What is Chris Paul’s net worth?

Chris Paul Net Worth 2020 This 32-year old athlete has grew himself into a high value brand over the years by his star performances on the court. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chris Paul’s net worth is $120 million. His salary with the Oklahoma City Thunder is around $38.5 million.

How much is Westbrook worth?

Russell Westbrook’s Net Worth. It’s estimated that Russell Westbrook’s impressive career has, at age 30, already gotten him a net worth of approximately $125 million per Celebrity Net Worth.

Who is Kevin Durant’s girlfriend?

Durant’s fiancee was Monica Wright, a point guard in the WNBA and she has spoken openly about why she never ended up becoming his wife.

How rich is Carmelo Anthony?

As of 2020, Carmelo Anthony’s net worth is $120 million, making him the 18th richest NBA player in the world.

Who is better Kobe or Kevin Durant?

It actually turns out that for his career, though Kobe Bryant’s is obviously a lot longer, Durant is averaging eight free throw attempts per game compared to Kobe’s 7.6. Durant also shoots a career 88.2 percent from the stripe, compared to Kobe’s 83.8 percent. But technically, Durant is the more automatic of the two.

What rank is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant Responds to ESPN Ranking Him as the NBA’s No. 8 Player. ESPN’s ranking of the top 500 NBA players has already left some superstars angry (see: Bryant, Kobe), and its ranking of 2013-14 NBA MVP Kevin Durant at No. 8 has understandably raised some eyebrows.

What is Kevin Durant Career high?

Kevin Durant scores a career high 54 points (2014) On January 01, 2014, Kevin Durant set his career high in points in a NBA game. That day he scored 54 points in Oklahoma City Thunder’s home win against Golden State Warriors, 127-121. He also had 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals and 1 block.

Why KD is the best player in the world?

Why KD is the Best Player in the NBA

  • Kevin Durant has always been second best his whole career.
  • Durant, who has never been on an all-NBA defensive team, has made himself into one of the best defenders in the league.
  • Durant has managed to stand out as the best player on a star studded team full of weapons like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

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