Is Jacob Sartorius in school?

Is Jacob Sartorius in school? Sartorius is homeschooled. Prior to that he attended a number of schools including Flint High School in...

Is Jacob Sartorius in school?
Sartorius is homeschooled. Prior to that he attended a number of schools including Flint High School in Oakton, Virginia. Sartorius‘ very first video was posted in August 2014, which was a message against bullies. He took a six months break before returning in February 2015.

Also to know is, is Jacob Sartorius rich?

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth – $1.2 million. Jacob Sartorius is a musician and YouTuber from Oklahoma. He regularly posts music videos on his channel and from time to time he posts some comedy sketches for his fans.

Additionally, what race is Jacob Sartorius? Rolf Jacob Sartorius was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the United States of America, on October 2, 2002. As of March 2019, he is 17-years-old. Jacob holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Also to know, is Jacob Sartorius adopted?

Sartorius was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shortly after his birth, he was adopted and moved to Virginia because his birth parents were unable to take care of him. He was raised in Reston, Virginia by his adoptive parents.

Is Trey Sartorius adopted?

Trey Louis Sartorius was born on May 30, 2003, in Los Angeles, California. Immediately, after his birth, he was given up for adoption. Luckily, he was adopted by Rolf and Pat Sartorius. His adopted elder brother is Jacob Sartorius (born October 2, 2002).

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Is Jacob Sartorius dating?

Girls Jacob Sartorius Has Dated 2018 are disney girls from disney channel . Jacob Sartorius has dated jenna ortega.

What’s Jacob Sartorius net worth?

Jacob Sartorius is around 5ft 7in tall. His personal net worth is estimated at $500 thousand.

What’s Jacob Sartorius real name?

Rolf Jacob Sartorius

Does Jacob Sartorius have a tattoo?

Jacob Sartorius is officially inked! The 16-year-old “Lover Boy” singer took to Instagram today to debut his first ever tattoo, which was actually inspired by basketball legend LeBron James! “This tattoo shows me that no matter what i’ve been through i will strive to be the king of my court,” he captioned the pic.

What age did Jacob Sartorius die?

Sadly on Saturday February 17 2018, Rolf Jacob Sartorius passed away as his uber was involved in a car accident. We have reasons to believe he died at the scene snap chatting about his new popsocket design. We are deeply saddened by this as he was only 15 years old.

Is Jacob Sartorius single 2019?

In February 2019, Jacob posted a video on YouTube saying he was single. It’s not known when the couple split up, but Jacob was first linked to actress Millie Bobby Brown in October 2017.

What is Jacob Sartorius shoe size?


How many subscribers does Jacob Sartorius have?

Subscribers, views and revenue growth of Jacob Sartorius

Date Subscribers Views
Today 3.08M 350,716,218
Mon 24 3.08M 350,563,599
Sun 23 3.08M 350,532,578
Total 0 215,999

Is Jacob Sartorius a dad?

In one of his YouTube videos Jacob Sartorius confessed, that he was adopted. So, Rolf Sartorius is not his biological father. But the boy told that his adoptive father has become the best parent for him.

Who is Jacob Sartorius dating 2019?

Millie Bobby Brown

How old was Jacob Sartorius when he made sweatshirt?

Accumulating millions of followers across sites like Instagram,, Vine, and YouTube, all before he turned 13, he recorded and released his first single, “Sweatshirt,” as an official teenager in the spring of 2016.

Who is Kaylor Keeling?

Social star named Kaylor Keeling and best known for his sadboybeanie Instagram account, which has over 60,000 followers. In June of 2017, he released his debut single “Next to Me” on iTunes and Spotify.

How old is Jacob?

17 years (October 2, 2002)

When did Jacob Sartorius become famous?

Despite his initial successful musicals, Jacob Sartorius did not become famous till he started to post his videos on social media channels. In the year 2014, when was just 11 years old, Jacob Sartorius posted his first Vine video.

How old is Jake up sertorius?

Jacob Sartorius was born on 2 October 2002. Jacob Sartorius is 17 years old.

Does Jacob Sartorius have a gf?

Jacob Sartorius Is Totally Dating Disney Channel Star Jenna Ortega. Jacob Sartorius has constantly let his fans know that he wants a girlfriend. And when we say constantly, we mean constantly. None other than Disney Channel star, Jenna Ortega.

Does Jacob Sartorius rosacea?

Jacob Sartorius suffers from Rosacea where the side effect gives him red cheeks. He has over 1.2 million Twitter followers and more than 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube. Jacob prefers to be known as Jacob Sartorius and not his traditional family name- Rolf Jacob Sartorius.

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