How tall is Asahi Haikyuu?

How tall is Asahi Haikyuu? About Nicknames Negative Goatee Guy (by Suga), Revived Ace, and Goatee Guy Birthday January 1 Age 18...

How tall is Asahi Haikyuu?

Nicknames Negative Goatee Guy (by Suga), Revived Ace, and Goatee Guy
Birthday January 1
Age 18 (he’s my age!)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height 184.7cm (6’7) in April and 186.4cm (6’14) in November

Regarding this, how tall is Daichi Haikyuu?

176.7cm/223cm – Daichi. 176.1cm/223cm – Ennoshita.

Additionally, who is the tallest character in Haikyuu? Tallest-to-Shortest Haikyuu!! characters

  • Lev Haiba: 194.3 cm (6’4.5″)
  • Wakatoshi Ushijima: 189 cm (6’2″)
  • Kei Tsukishima: 188.3 cm (6’1.7″)
  • Tetsurou Kuroo: 187.7 cm (6’1.5″)
  • Bokuto Koutarou: 185.5 cm (6’0.8″)
  • Sou Inuoka: 185.5 cm (6’0.8″)
  • Akiteru Tsukishima: 185.2 cm (6’0.7″)
  • Asahi Azumane: 184.7 cm (6’0.5″)

Keeping this in consideration, how tall is Oikawa from Haikyuu?

Tōru Oikawa
Birthday: July 20th
Height: 184.3 cm (6′ 0.6″)
Weight: 72.2 kg (159.2 lbs)
Player Statistics

How tall is Yachi?

? ??

Birthday September 4 Height Height 149.7 cm (4′ 10.94″) Weight Weight 42.5 kg (93.7 lbs) Family Madoka Yachi (Mom)

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How tall is Nishinoya?

159.3 cm

How tall is Hinata from Haikyuu?

162.8 cm

How tall is tobio Kageyama?

Due to all these factors, Kageyama is one of the players selected to participate in the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp. Height and reach, as of mid-November: Fingertip Height: 239 cm. Jumping Reach: 337 cm (spike) / 320 cm (block)

Is Karasuno a real school?

The town of Karasuno has always been based off Karumai, a real-life town located in Iwate Prefecture. Furudate did this because they were born in and lived in Karumai until high school.

What does Karasuno mean?

Karasuno High School. The word ‘Karasu’ in the school name “Karasunomeans ‘crow’.

How old is Tsukishima Kei?


Name Tsukishima Kei [???]
Also Known As “The Clever Blocker”, “Tsukki”, “Glasses”, “Four Eyes”, “Stingyshima”
Date Of Birth September 27 (Libra)
Age 16
Height 188.3 cm (6′ 2″)

Who died in Haikyuu?

Death. Tanaka died on October 10, 2016 from intracerebral hemorrhage.

How tall is Hinata Shoyo in feet?

You should know that Hinata Shoyo has 162,8 centimeters (close to 5 feet 3 inches) tall.

Is Oikawa smart?

Oikawa is terribly smart. He’s trained for years to win, and even with all that effort, his team ended up losing to championships. But, hey, he still watches Karasuno’s matches. He’s intuitive.

Why is Aoba Johsai called Seijou?

“Why is Oikawa’s team in Haikyuu called both Aoba Johsai and Seijou?” The school’s romanized name is ‘Aoba Josai Koko’ according to its wiki page. The school’s shortened name is ?? (pronounced as Seijō or Seijoh when romanized.) It comes from Aobajohsai’s first and third kanji being put together.

How old is Kenma?


My Rating
Gender Male
Age 17
Date Of Birth October 16
Height 169.2 cm (5′ 6.6″)

Is Oikawa a third year?

Tōru Oikawa (Japanese: ?? ???? ? ??? , Oikawa Tōru) is a setter for Club Atlético San Juan, a professional team in the Argentine Volleyball Federation. For the majority of the series, he was a thirdyear student at Aobajohsai High, serving as the captain and ace setter for the school’s volleyball team.

Who is the best player in Haikyuu?

Top Strongest and the Most Skilled Players in Haikyuu

  • 8 Daichi Sawamura.
  • 7 Kageyama Tobio.
  • 6 Yu Nishinoya.
  • 5 Tetsuro Kuroo.
  • 4 Toru Oikawa.
  • 3 Aran Ojiro.
  • 2 Kotaro Bokuto.
  • 1 Top Aces Of the Country.

Is Takeda The tiny giant?

Takeda is not the Small Giant. Takeda is 29, and the Small Giant is Saeko’s classmate.

Is Oikawa better than Kageyama?

Leadership:Obviously Oikawa is a much better leader. Overall Kageyama comes out ahead with all his prodigious talent. You’re absolutely right. Kageyama’s movements are much more athletic and much more beautiful sight for me.

How high can Hinata jump?

Hinata’s vertical was actually pretty easy to calculate due to the Haikyuu wiki containing many of Hinata’s stats. The stats that are important is his fingertip height on his reach test which is 210cm and his running jump reach which at it’s highest is 333cm.

What is Aoba Johsai mascot?

This is why you’d sometimes see Seijoh being represented as plants in fanart and the like. It’s also presumably the context for Ushijima’s farming metaphor. But seriously, Seijoh’s mascot is Oikawa Tooru. As ridiculous as that is Aoba Johsai is represented by plants.

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