What is difference between will and going to?

What’s distinction between will and going to?

Will and Going to Variations in Utilization Will is used to precise future actions determined in the mean time of talking, whereas Going to describes future plans determined earlier than the second of talking.

When use current steady tense?

The current steady tense is a grammatical tense that can be utilized to explain when an motion occurred, or could occur. You should utilize it to explain each occasions which can be taking place within the current – proper now, if you are speaking about one thing, or sooner or later – one thing that will or will occur in a while.

Why will we use current steady for future?

Utilizing the current steady to speak concerning the future The current steady is used to speak about preparations for occasions at a time later than now. There’s a suggestion that multiple individual is conscious of the occasion, and that some preparation has already occurred. e.g.

What’s the type of current steady?

The current steady tense is shaped with the topic plus the current particle type (-ing) of the principle verb and the current steady tense of the verb to be: am, is, are. One easy instance of this tense is: He’s swimming.

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