What is an example of a irregular verb?

What is an example of a irregular verb?

Some common irregular verbs include go, have, make, say, take, and know. Regular Verbs To form the past tense of a regular verb, just add -d or -ed to the end of it. For example, learn becomes learned in the past tense.

What do we mean by irregular verbs?

An irregular verb is a type of verb that does not follow the general rule of using “-ed” at the end of the word to make the past tense or the past participle form. It means the spellings of an irregular verb can be tricky, and may follow a different pattern. … Here the underlined words are irregular verb forms.

Is eat a regular or irregular verb?

The verb ‘eat’ is irregular. Therefore the past simple tense is ‘ate’ and the past participle is ‘eaten’.

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